Broward County Auto & Truck Accidents

Broward County is home to almost 1.9 million people, making it the second-most populous county in Florida and the 17th-most populous county in the United States. There are twenty-three miles of Atlantic beaches and 300 plus miles of Intracoastal Waterway located in Broward County. It is the perfect destination for people who enjoy year-round terrific weather. The average temperature is 75 in the middle of the winter and 90 during the summer. This may be why the population of Broward County has increased by 8.5%.


We have also seen an increase in auto accidents and auto accident injuries over recent years as well. Experts correlate the amount of auto accidents with things such as speeding, intoxication and failure to wear seat belts. They also say with a more robust economy, along with cheaper fuel prices, there are more drivers on the roads than ever before. Additionally, with the increase in technology, such as cell phones, one in four auto accidents are caused by these devices.

In 2015, Broward County experienced 38,409 auto accidents and over 1,000 were suspected to be caused by alcohol. According to the numbers, 23,473 people suffered injuries and 221 individuals lost their lives from auto accidents. The year after, in 2016, we saw the number of auto accidents increase in Broward County. There was an alarming 41,718 auto accidents – causing over 25,000 injuries and 221 deaths on Broward County roads.

Commercial Trucking Accidents  

Commercial trucking accidents are also a major concern in Broward County. There were over 4,000 commercial truck crashes in 2016. Commercial trucks are much different than other vehicles because of their size. Common types of commercial trucks are:

When these types of commercial trucks crash with a car, the impact often causes severe injuries or death. Because of this, commercial trucks must carry a minimum amount of insurance. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Federal Law, the amount of insurance coverage can be anywhere from $750,000 to $5,000,000, depending on the type of commercial truck, its weight, what it carries, and where it travels.

To help avoid commercial truck accidents in Broward County, drivers should:

  1. Avoid Tailgating and Following Too Closely Behind Commercial Trucks
  2. Stay Clear of Commercial Truck Blind Spots
  3. Be Aware of Road Hazards and Weather Conditions

Unfortunately, as you can see by the statistics, the number of auto accidents and auto accident injuries have continued to increase. Therefore, we as drivers need to make an assertive effort to be as safe as possible when driving to help reduce the amount of auto accidents in Broward County.

If you or your loved on has been injured in auto accident or truck accident in Broward County, Florida, call today to start the process of getting you the money you deserve!